KCHS spotting on my way to Monterrey.


Nice to see a 787-10 prototype being tested!


Awesome pictures. A lot of variety aircraft wise. That P-8 Poseidon looks so nice! Not to mention how beautiful that CRJ is :)

Is it just me or does this one look like the plane just did a birdstrike on the tower?

Anyway, some great pics!

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I believe that is the first one off the line in Charleston.

A real 787-10? Nice catch!!!

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Thank you Kevin the p-8 and c-17 were doing touch and gos. The p-8 was doing full wheel touches the 17 fly overs. And thanks to you I know know what a modified 737-800. P-8 Poseidon is!!! Let’s kill some subs!!!

Cool shots you got 😉 I escpecially like the “Boeing” unmarked one

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Haha yeah the fuselage looks like it has a reflection of the building too. Interesting pics!

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