KCHS random aircraft


Woah! 9V-SCC looks so pretty! Looking forward to see it in service soon ;)

Flies to Singapore tomorrow and first commercial flights after that are to Japan and Perth AU


Wow that’s nice …,…

Quite surprised of that Beluga… You don’t see them there very often.

You sure that’s a Beluga?

Pretty sure… why, what is it.

It’s a Dreamlifter (Boeing 747-400LCF). You are thinking of the Airbus Beluga (A300-600ST) 😂

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Airbus calls the beluga. Boeing calls it dreamlifter

They’re 2 different planes. Boeing version of the beluga is the 747-400LCF (Dreamlifter)


I’m surprised this didn’t get flag and closed because it included the -10 but my original post did

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