KCDK Question

Hey IFC! So I’m going to fly the TBM to KCDK and I saw that there was a gate at the airport and I was curious, how would you get the gate number to get to your plane? I’m not asking for it, but how would you get to your plane from the tiedown ramp? Who give you the gate code number to get through, since there is no FBO? Thanks!

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Gate numbers, if not already published in online charts, are often listed arbitrarily. This isn’t necessarily guesswork, but rather grouping certain gates together and giving each of them an individual number.

That said, online charts and data about a certain airport will always come first. If there are sources available, it will be implemented there too.

Oh no, no, I don’t think you are understanding my question lol! So basically around the airport there is a big fence gate. Since the airport doesn’t have an FBO, how would you get to your plane if there is a fence gate and you need a code or something to get in?

Well this is a flight sim, so I don’t think a way of transportation to get to your plane matters too much. I’m sure it’s different in real life

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