KC3DLL's ATC Tracking Thread - [I MADE IT TO IFATC]


I’ve flown for awhile and I’m trying to get better at atc…
will be open at KPIT (Pittsburgh international)

Over 1200 operations but most have been at LAX and JFK where you really aren’t learning much

  • pattern work ALLOWED

  • Landind and departing on any 28 RWY

Leave your feed back :)


coming! I’m N25513


ill come by


feedback from me. If you don’t know, i was Infinite Flight 1 super.

  • Pattern altitude. When remaining in the pattern GA aircraft (e.g cessna 172) fly at 1000ft AGL, bigger aircraft fly at 1500 AGL. You didn’t notice i was flying at 3000ft AGL. Next time you can tell the pilot to descend to pattern altitude.
  • Runway changes, Pretty good, however you did forget to re pattern me back to 28R, you just gave me a cleared to land.
  • Sequencing N/A
  • Departure requests. When a pilot requests to depart airspace you allow them to by saying departure to the N/S/E/W is approved, then give them a frequency change approved.
  • Above you said “* no intersection departures allowed”, however it should be allowed.
  • The “please expedite” was great! Normally i would have, but i decided to test you with go arounds again. You should have told N22513 to go around.

Hello! I was N-TEXAS in a F-16.

  • Transition altitude was good.

  • Runway changes: Good for the most part. Make sure to give me a pattern instruction after runway changes.

  • Departures: LUAW to Rednose was unnecessary. You could have just told him to take off. Also, when I’m off the ground, go ahead and tell the aircraft on the ground to take off, instead of LUAW. You can clear an aircraft for takeoff when the airplane in front is rolling at 100+kts or as soon as they take off. LUAW shouldn’t be used on every departure.

  • You missed a pattern instruction after my transition (You corrected yourself after, good.)


Take a look at the public ATC manual for more information.


Thanks everyone for stopping by, and thanks for all the feedback … I will be opening KPIT a few more times this week (my home airport)


Open for some late night controlling if anyone is awake ;)



Closed, everyone is sleeping lol… thanks to @Jet_Airways_995 for doing some patterns :)


Come on by… Auckland needs some love :)


If still open, i’m coming


I’ll come by in a few mins.


I will join for a few minutes.
Let’s test your ATC brain cells ;)


Hi, I was with the callsign N739EC.

Great controlling! Sequencing was accurate.

However, once an aircraft is airborne, you can directly clear the aircraft behind for takeoff.

Hope this was helpful :)


Well you didn’t do bad but there are definetly some things you can improve. When I asked for transition you gave me 3500. That is basically at sea level. Transition altitude is pattern altitude for jets which is 1500+1000 for spacing. That means the proper altitude would be 2500. The rule I go by is to always add 2500 to the airport altitude and that is the transition altitude. After that, telling my to line up and wait wasn’t necessary. Use anticipate separation. You know the other guy is doing touch and goes and by the time he is off the ground I am rolling. Good exit runway, good sequencing and good pattern entry.


Ok mate, you did a good job!

  • when I requested frequency change on ground you responded well.
  • transition altitude could be better. Same as Jakey2_0 Said.
  • Seperation was perfect! Altough, there weren’t many aircraft but the seperation between me and the prop aircraft was handled well. You have called my base so me and the aircraft were not colliding.

It would be nicer if you got more traffic to see what your limits are, but yeah that’s not always possible.

I think you you’re almost ready for IFATC!


Sorry I crashed lol. Was handling approach for awhile watching then decided to join in. Did a good job from what I saw

• Transition Altitude you gave me of 3500ft was a little high for that airport. NZAA is @ 20ft which is basically at sea level. Correct transition altitude would of been 2500ft. Same as @anon82246052 pointed out

• The ‘descend to pattern altitude’ wasnt necessary


Thanks everyone for stopping by and the wonderful feedback :) A+ to @Edivan_dcds for the assault takeoffs in an Airbus lol :)


While I do agree that your use of the i’ll call your base command was good, you generally want try to avoid that command if at all possible. I’m not sure how long you waited until turning him to base but if it’s not long let the situation develop and if he has to make a 360 or go around then he does. Just something I learned while controlling before.


OPEN :) come and fly around Pittsburgh

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Good job controlling and issuing commands. You are doing great. Just don’t forget to sequence when there are more planes and you are ready to controller on expert.