KC-777 Tanker

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Optimized as a tanker that is larger and has longer range than the KC-767

Would be a good Free with 20+ Purchases addition for the 777 Family :)


That sis upper cool?


What do you mean? Is that a spelling error? :)

He probably means ‘is’

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Yes, work that 777

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Omg I didn’t realize what that said. I meant to say “That is super cool!”


No worries m8, I agree with you


OMG! That looks so real! So real photoshopped!

It’s not photoshopped

It’s not? I never heard about that aircraft before…

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Just went on the same website.

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Yea the IFM needs more military aircraft


Let’s bump this one too :)

It’s a very unique and rare tanker. I’d give this a 10 ;)

If you’re going to bump, add meaningful substance to the topic.


I don’t think making a plane that doesn’t exist yet should be put into the game.

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I’ve never heard of this before! Nice photoshop.

The 787-10 doesn’t exist yet either, now does it? ;)

I knew someone would say that. Well, we know what the 787-10 will look like, fly like, and all the tech in it because it’s already being built and assembled. The KC-777 on the other hand, is not being built, we don’t know what will be on it, we don’t know what it will look like, how it will fly with all the things on it, we don’t know who will use it. or if it will even get off the drawing board. That’s why.

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If this gets real, well should be interesting to have it in the sim.