KC-46A & KC-30A Liveries for 767 & A330

I know that adding an inflight refueling capability to IF would be a huge undertaking, but what if they just added the tankers as planes to fly? Our fighter friends could use their imagination when performing intercepts, and formation flying for a transient flight is a good time… Just a thought.


Great idea. I would love to see some tankers but I don’t know how they’d make in flight refueling a thing. From my understanding, planes can just fly through each other so if you were trying to refuel your F-16 with a KC-135, you’d need autopilot to “simulate” the transfer of fuel from aircraft to aircraft while making it look like the aircraft are touching, but not passing through each other.

Doing the transfer of fuel with solid flying objects in the real world is already very difficult, so an amateur, in some cases pre-teen kid trying to refuel like that without autopilot would be very very difficult.

And AP in an F-16 won’t happen anytime soon.

Long live the DC-9!

Let’s not forget the KC-135 for 707 and KC-10/KDC-10 for DC-10 when both aircraft are added in the near or far future (Hopefully near for both).

Long live the DC-9!

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@Boeing707 you are right, actual refueling would be asking way too much! I figured since they already have 767 and A330 models adding a new livery would be the easiest place to start. Maybe they could a an extending boom that operates at a certain altitude and airspeed (similar to Sophia’s door), but keep it simple.

Are the 707 and DC-10 really on their way to IF? That would be very cool!

DC-10 has a little fan base attached to it so maybe.

Boeing 707-Wouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

Long live the DC-9!

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@Down4Double. @Boeing707 Great Minds. Aerial Refueling is a good thing! I’m more tactically oriented. I entered and voted all my chips for the KC-130J in App. So if your willing throw some votes in App for the Hurk w/ Marine markings in Dessert Gray. ( I have a Fighter Refueling Scenario with a loop track off SoCal Built and will post it in Events when I see a few more Fighters in play. The Scenario utilizes a reliable source, SEE: air-refueling.com.
(FYI, Chinaman say; Lady who fly upside down have “crack up”! Just Sayin,
Mad Max Sends

@Maxmustang you just hit a soft spot. It physically upsets me that the C-130 in any variant is not in IF 😜 I’m not the biggest fan of the C-130, but I have a ton of respect for it. It’s arguably the most versatile plane in the history of aviation. You could play out so many scenarios in our IF sandbox regions. I hope they add a C-130 soon. I bet they will add the Airbus copy also, so no ones feelings get hurt!

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@Down4Double. The Airbus Copy! The Prototype just crashed see; aviation safetynet.com. Bad Juju, Mad Max Sends

@Maxmustang, yes that was bad. Sad to see for the crew. I have not seen an official accident report yet, but I read the preliminary findings were software related. Something like their throttles were not responding to commands, and the engines were stuck at idle during flight. That must have been such a helpless feeling for the crew! What a difficult way to discover a bug in the software! It is scary what a few bad lines of code can do. Sad all around.

I would really like to see this liveries in IF. Especially the KC-46A looks amazing.

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Love the raaf kc-30a

Yes I know it would not come anytime soon, but it will be a nice addition, if it comes later