KC-46 Pegasus

This could be a livery for the 767 that is already in the game. Would anyone else like this?



Yes. It should be in the 157th AFW livery. I live near their base.

Pegasus, is still in development with growing pained and cost overruns. Let’s get it out into the field and see if a " new" composite wing is formed first.
Max Sends

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Is it just me or have tanker planes become extremely popular on this forum over the past few days😄.

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@Talkingribzz… Believe it’s the periodic “Tanker” Event that may have generated interest. Am rescheduling one for Sunday. Fly it you’ll get a kick out of the experience. Max Sends

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Would love to, I’ll see if I’m able though, as far as I’m aware I’m pretty busy on Sunday, but I’ll try to get all my work done on Saturday so I can be there.

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I hope to be there!

I really hope we can get this aircraft. Its amazing.

Oh dam, on year

Here is an image.

Would like to see it, I like it a lot!


Yeah and another reason to update the 767

We need this!

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