KC-135 Tanker

This would be a nice aircraft to fly around, along with looking neat in formation. If fuel burn is added, this could maybe be programmed to actually refuel certain aircraft…just a thought. o7


Great idea, I would love to see this

Militarys arent needed in near future. And nobody flies fighters from Canada to Vietnam. Just my opinion

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Maybe the KC-10? Three engines…looks cooler than the 135 imo.

Why aren’t they needed? People like them as well you know.

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A KC-10 would be neat, especially if the DC-10 gets added.

The thing is its onvious it wont get added ( in near future ). I just prefer discussing things that have a good chance to get implemented soon :)

What is so different that makes other things more likely to be added? This could even be added just as a basic aircraft, no refueling feature.

Would be cool to have a 707. I wouldnt fly it much I guess, bit hey its an airliner that brings more diversity. I just dont like the tanker thing. The variety of the sim isnt just so far developed, I hope you know what I mean. Ok whatever, let me explain. Lets say we have like 30 airliners, many people fly them and so on. Then its cool to have for example a MB339 for formation flying e.g. Or a Blue Angels color scheme for the F18. Or a tanker. But if we have like 15 airliners and 10 fighters, people obviously would fly more fighters. Imo we need to have a good balance, like in the real world

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I see what you mean, but fighters are just plain fun to fly 😂😂

Bump!!! Bump!!! Bump!!! lol.

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So cool!!! My dad flies this and he is a major, he gies me some awaome pictures! Would love this!