KC-135 Tanker

I live near the 157th refueling wing, and I see then flying overhead all the time. It would be very cool if the KC-130 was implemented in the game. It could also have a working boom. Just a suggestion :)

Can someone move this to ‘Features’? It won’t let me select it.

For you information, stretching your eyes out like this is racist towards Chineese and some other Asian people. If you could change it that would be great because others can be very offenced.

@L3TH4L When did I mention anything about race? I am literally suggesting an aircraft.

Do I’m talking about your profile picture. My bad u should have pm d you however you should take into account what I have said

Ooohhh, in my profile pic. We are not “stretching” our eyes out. If you look closely, you can clearly see we rolled our eyes back it looks really creepy :)

No one will move it for you as you are not authorized to make feature requests at this time.

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Why? (filler)

Check the guidelines for feature request to find your answer

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