KC-10 pushback issue.

Greetings fellow members,

I encountered an issue today while pushing back with the KC-10. The video below will demonstrate everything.

Device and available storage: iPad Pro 2017 WiFi; 46GB.
Operating system: iOS 11.2.1
Infinite Flight Build: 17.12.2
Steps to reproduce: Simply initiate then stop pushback; issue persisted regardless of weight.
Deleted and reinstalled IF multiple times yet it did not resolve the issue. Tried it with multiple flaps and trim settings yet issue remained.


Oh man they put Rosie in the back again! This was an issue in early beta that was resolved so this is odd. @Tyler_Shelton should be able to assist with this one.


Well the planes not popping a wheelie so I doubt it was Rosie.

I had this issue as well.

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I had this issue on the 757-200 Monarch livery as well, except for my plane didn’t go into the air, it just blasted forward.

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Lol. Surprised this one made a reappearance. Strange… 🤔


Laura actually pushed an update for adriod for this problem but haven’t heard of anything for IOS as I haven’t seen anyone report about this on IOS.

Maybe it’s a different problem for the 757?


Thanks for the report. I’ve passed this on to the developers and we’ll have it fixed in the next one! Have a great day. 🙂


I have experienced this before in a FedEx DC-10 on iOS. At the time I thought it was my fault that I did something wrong but I guess I didn’t.