KC-10 Operating Boom

Request Feature For The DC-10F (KC-10 AF Extender):
  • About The “Boom” In The KC-10: The “boom” or extender on the KC-10 is used for aerial refueling! The KC-10’s boomer performed airlift and aerial refueling during the 1986 bombing of Libya (Operation Eldorado Canyon), the 1990–91 Gulf War with Iraq (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm), the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), War in Afghanistan (Operations Enduring Freedom), and Iraq War (Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. These extenders didn’t just operate with a pilot and a co-pilot. In the back, there was always someone there to help guide the boom to the aircraft, although the aircraft was responsible for aligning with the KC-10’s fueler, it never was responsible for fueling. The extender was always that “little” nudge to help get the actual fuel inside by moving the extender to a specific spot. I think the fact that the pilot has to maneuver and align himself directly 10 ft under without anyone controlling the boom to fit “IN” his aircraft isn’t realistic for many operations.

  • My Proposal: I think when aerial refueling, the KC-10’s boom should be controlled by the pilot where he can switch his “camera” and maybe use simple “UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT” buttons to help aide the boom in the direction of the aircraft. Not only does it make for the pilot to enable autopilot, but it maintains the same altitude for each aircraft (instead of the fighter going left and right to maneuver himself) and it helps maintain the same airspeed, so all the KC-10 Pilot has to do, is use those specific button to help move the boom down to the aircraft. Also since many tutorials say stay 10 ft below the KC-10 when refueling, I think the boom, should be able to extend 10ft by the pilots discretion to the right amount of distance the aircraft being refueled is.


Credits: wikipedia

  • In this picture the “boom” operator is using a joystick and many fuel controls to control where the boom is, how long it has to extend, where to move the boom in order to align the exact position of fighter, and how much fuel comes out. In the picture the fighter is maintaining its distance but unlike IF, it isn’t rocking back and forth like someone trying to align himself would do, the boom operator is controlling where the boom is

  • Why this is a good idea: I’m not saying it is, I just think it would make life easier for the pilot and the person controlling the boom and make it more realistic rather then taking the luckiest screenshot while your about to overpass the KC-10 from overspeeding (that’s what ALOT of you do lol). I think this has to be a hard concept to implement but its not impossible! Thank you and have a Merry Christmas

I love the idea!! Let me clear a vote! :)


Great feature request. Very well written.

“The “boom” or extender on the KC-10 is used for mainly aerial refueling”… mainly or only? Don’t forget about the KDC10 too!


Yes the KDC as well but this one is mostly used in the game :) I appreciate your response

IFAF use the KDC10… don’t forget the original and best air force haha

Once a vote frees up it’ll definitely be put here!

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Awesome idea! I really like this :)

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You got my vote I really want this!

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The boom I think would be a valuable asset for training as well for double tasking! Like keeping the autopilot at a steady rate of cruise while trying to move the boom towards an aircraft

I actually managed for two seconds once was really proud😂. What I think could be cool too is that once the boom is connected it will follow the plane if it moves slightly. It would make it look more realistic…

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I fully agree, so you don’t constantly have to move the boom as much or the aircraft

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