KC-10 New Camera View

think it would be a nice feature especially for refuelling.
It would look like this.

For the moment the camera angle doesn’t let us see well enough in my opinion fo refuelling. It would be much easier.

Sorry if it’s a duplicate, but I didn’t find any.

Can’t you just go on the outside view? I’m not saying its a bad idea but, its a good idea.

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You can that’s what I do. The problem is that you keep having to change the angle to see the distance altitude and alignment. With that view I think you would see it all in one. So you have more time to concentrate on flying.

well wouldnt the person flying the KC-10 be on AP maintaining a constant heading, altitude and speed while the fighter lines up and adjusts alt. Dont see why you would need to focus on flying when your the KC-10

It’s not for refuelling the fighter. It’s if you’re refuelling a kc10. So 2 kc10s refuelling like this.

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