KC-10 Evening Moonshot (plus other photos)

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I decided to take the Travis AFB KC-10 out of, no surprise, Travis AFB in California. Had some fun with the free cam and got a nice couple of photos. I decided to highlight my favorite stand-out picture, and put the rest in the drop-downs for a cleaner post.

Flight Details
  • Route: KSUU TO KSUU
  • Expert Server
  • Late Afternoon to Evening

Without further ado:

More Photos:

More Moonshots

Featuring the KC-10

Hope you enjoyed them!


Just saying, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a moon shot or KC-10 on Infinite Flight’s Instagram 😬😂 @jasonrosewell


Great little moonshot, haven’t seen a KC-10 moonshot in the #screenshots-and-videos category in a while.

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Thanks! Thankfully I noticed the moon was well-positioned during my flight. Free cam is such a great feature honestly!

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The moonshot looks pretty awesome!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it

Also don’t forget to look at the drop downs for more photos — some other great pictures are there!