KC-10 Boom Operator's Cockpit

this would be a great addition especially for air refueling events.

Yes, i know there is already the shared cockpit topic, but this could be shared too. You always can use autopilot too:


Yes please!


get this popular, maybe they’ll think it’s a good idea 😂

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it’ll go popular on its own


It would be fun like a shared cockpit

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Please only one image per request


That would be really cool

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yes i know, plus it would actually add a real life scenario

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Nice idea lol…

We’re not even sure we’re getting this…
Or are we?

if they did add this, it would be a KC-135, or it would be the new KC-36 pegasus.

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yes, i get your point… but this is a request for the KC-10 that will be coming out soon

this could also lead to rework of fighters and maybe add more military aircraft

yes, i agree, but i think before they add any new aircraft all planes need to have wing flex, and we need reworks of the cry, and then the next aircraft should be a king air. Sadly its not and it will be a MD-11,and or a DC-10.

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i rather have new aircraft than wing flex… and helis😉

@eli_Mumm. Why a KC-10 it went out of production in 1987 a will go to the bone yard when Pegasus hits the tarmac. (IF decision to build the MD-11/DC-10 was a blunder. Popular demand by know nothings, to bad,so sad!)

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it’s an iconic aircraft we can all agree

@eli_Mumm . “We”. Got a Mouse in your pocket? Max


it is an iconic aircraft mate, the MD-11, DC10 family

i just realized this would be great now that there is fuel burn

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