KC-10 Boom Not Available

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this I am a heaven pilot here on Infinite Flight, I associated with a well-known VA here in our community. The question in which I am about to ask and topic I’m about to touch on does not in any way pertain to me myself but actually to my fiance who has took very much in interest and Infinite Flight learning how to fly and especially the kc-10 tanker. I had touched on the form tonight and seen that there is a subject for refueling request. Now that is not at all what I’m here for and to inquire as to what exactly maybe going on. Anyways she wants to go up and refuel great for you know it definitely makes my relationship a lot easier when my significant other also enjoys flight. However we have noticed that on the actions menu of the kc-10 tanker that only there is a cargo option for a cargo door both upper and lower if I remember correct and no option whatsoever for the refueling boom. Can anyone tell me if this is an issue as to maybe you have to wait till a plane is near in order for the option to become available or could there be a flaw someone please help and assist me and giving answers to my significant other so she will quit driving me crazy LOL!!! Thank you all so much for your time and your attention in this matter
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You have to be in the air for the boom option to show up. Moved to general as it is not an issue with Infinite Flight.


Hey there Douglas!

The reason that the boom option isn’t showing up is likely because the plane is on the ground.


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On the ground actions:

  • Cargo doors will open
  • Cargo doors will close
  • (No boom actions will appear)

In-Flight actions:

  • Lower Boom
  • Raise Boom
  • (No cargo door actions will appear)

Hope this was what you were looking for. Let me know if there is something else.


Deer crusher is right but you need to use the one in the usaf or Canadian airforce version on kc 10f

Glad to hear that your other half is showing an interest in the flight sim. Does she have her own account yet…or still work in progress!

Suggest that you check out these tutorials on how the Tankers operate here on IF world so that you get maximum enjoyment!

See you in the Virtual skies

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