KC-10 and A-10 quick mid-air refuelling

Taking off at KLAX along side a delta A220

Finding the KC-10

Approaching the KC-10’s extender

Fuelling up the A-10

Finished refuelling and doing Sharp left turn away from the aircraft

On final towards KLAX

Thanks for viewing, I didn’t know who the person flying the KC-10 was but thanks for his help!

Server: Training

Airport: KLAX


I didn’t know you could do this In IF!


I remember doing this with my friend(Sadly the person’s contacts are gone now)

It was my first time doing it and it was at night lol


That’s nice, actually Since you live in Singapore I have lived there my whole life but I just moved, thanks for the comment!

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Would be nice if you could actually get fuel

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Nice military action!

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Refueling midflight actually allows you to refuel

if thats what you’re wondering

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Great photos 🙏🏾
Those Tankers are Angels in the sky, helps extend those missions.


Yeah i know but like does it refuel you for real in game


If I remember

It does


No way!!! That is TOO cool 😱😱


Heck yea! I fly the KC-10 in GAF, and I can confirm it actually does give fuel.


It’s been a feature for just over 4 years now I think. This was at GAF Red Flag 2019:

Also refuelled multiple times whilst flying to Nellis from the UK.


You do actually get fuel in-game! It’s been a feature in the sim for a while :)

You’ve got to hover around/keep formation with the boom of the KC-10 and you’ll see your fuel quantity rise, along with an onscreen message saying that refuelling has begun.

These are the aircraft in the sim that have AAR (air-to-air refuelling) capability:

  • F14
  • F16
  • F22
  • C130 (certain variants/liveries only)
  • C17 Globemaster
  • VC25 (Air Force One)
  • KC10 Extender (note: this is the only aircraft in the sim that can provide fuel to others)
  • A10

In case you’d like to watch a tutorial on how to refuel in Infinite Flight, here’s how it’s done:

And if you’re flying and would like to request refuelling, there’s a thread for that too:

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