KBZN-KDEN: 'SkyWest 5665'

Took the CRJ-200 in the Infinite Flight 2018 livery out from KBZN to KDEN.

Followed the flight plan of SkyWest 5665:

Highlight of the trip was flying around Bighorn National Forest and seeing the thick stuff below. I absolutely love flying in the American west. Such beautiful scenery. It never gets old.

Here are some shots from around Bighorn…





Beautiful :-D

Nice screenshots! Bozeman has some great scenery.
Out of curiosity, how do you get that map with the route and altitude?

@HiFlyer I downloaded the .kml file off Live Flight and import it into Google Earth. I do this with every flight I take.

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Nice shots Griz. I bet I could land on top of the plateau in the last pic

With your luck, no

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Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! I live near KBZN and have done that fight several times. Both it and KDEN-KMSO are absolutely stunning.