KBWI Upgrade

Hey Everybody I just want to tell u guys something
As we are speaking KBWI is under-construction. A $1.2 Million dollar Reno. Adding 5 more gates onto Terminal A. Gates A12-16 are being added.

This information would be better suited in a pm to a member of the IFAE team. They would be able to use it towards the next edit for KBWI!

It’s truly mind-boggling how much it costs to add a few gates!

Could u help me with that @Raze

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Sounds like a lot of gates for only 1.2 million. Too early to celebrate though, as this should be in #real-world-aviation, but you can’t post there until you get that member badge, so keep liking, subscribing, pressing the bell icon, engaging with the community and at some point you will be able to post there

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The gates will not be added until we have proper satellite imagery of it, which could be years from now.


They started in 2019 and paused when COVID-19 happened

I was at BWI in August and they actually had the jetways attached to the terminal

of course! I’ll tag someone for you

All they have to do now is Finish the inside for the southwest polls and everything

@Raze thank u so much

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I’ve sent the link to them. If you could include some Imagery in your post as well as a bit more info, if possible. Also, please keep in mind that it takes a lot for an airport to be updated, so don’t worry if it’s not updated soon.

I don’t care if it’s not right away I just wanted to share