Hi Community! As I am from Baltimore and very close to KBWI as it is my second home, I would like to give all IFATC workers planning to control KBWI some pointers.

  1. Runway 22 does not exist! It was removed years ago

  2. 15L is only used for General Aviation Aircraft

  3. Runway 10 is only for landings

  4. Biggest commercial aircraft I know of that is capable of taking off or landing is a 777W

  5. Any aircraft taking off of 15R must make right traffic for noise restrictions (not 100% sure)

I am not trying to criticize anyone! I love all the IFATC controllers! I am just giving some heads to make Baltimore more realistic!



Thank you for the advice.

ATC tries to follow real world procedures but in most cases the volume of planes just does not allow for that to happen. We are there to provide a service to the pilots and that means we try to be as efficient as possible. We wont make you taxi across the entire airport just because that one is what is used in real life. We also do not follow noise procedures as well because pilots are not aware either.

I hope you understand.


BWI Should be released next update.


Oh yeah I completely understand! I just wanted to put this out there. Thanks!

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Yeah I hope so! It really needs to redone

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Hi. I am at ATC at BWI on expert right now. I live 2 miles from BWI in real life. In fact, I’m watching planes on final to 10 as I type this from my home office.

I am in fact using 10 for landings and 15R for takeoffs as they are doing in real life at the moment. If they switch runways, I plan on switching runways.

Don’t worry, BWI is in good hands right now.



Drunk ATC hard at work lol


I learn from the best…aka @anon66442947


Dang we are all locals of Maryland! Dang! I fly out or KBWI tomorrow for LAX!

I just stalled and crashed as well! Oops!

I saw. RIght into the kids at the observation park. tisk tisk.


I have been flying the A320 for the last week and I forgot everything of the 737! I’ll be back

Kids should not be allowed to fly on Expert server. 21 and over only 😜


I agree with everything you said (I think KBWI needs an update). The only things wrong are 1. 747 aircraft come to BWI regularly (Atlas Air) 2. Aircraft taking off from 15R can also take off straight out or make right traffic, just usually not right traffic (exception for WOW A321 or A333 going to KEF and BA 788 to LHR). Thank you for your suggestions!

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I live close to BWI as well but I am flying out of DCA on Tuesday next week for ATL.

Oh yeah! I forgot the atlas air 747! Thanks for reminding me! I’m wasn’t 100% sure about the right turn either! Thanks!

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Yeah I’m part of the Editing team. Can’t wait to fly in and out of Baltimore now

I’m closed up after 2.5 hours. Have a fun FNF.

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Thank you so much, KBWI is my home airport and i’ve alwayd hated it in IF. Runway 22 used to exist but was removed a few years back. Runwa 15L takeoff traffic must fly out to the Chesapeake bay to make a right due to noise restrictions and possible airspace restrictions, glad to see im not the only one who cares about BWI.