KBUR is hard to land at

KBUR is very hard to land at at night espesially because it is surrounded by mountains at about a mile around the airport and you literally need to go at -4000 FPM to land near the runway.

Do you follow STARs (Standard Terminal Arrivals)? These would help to tell you when to descend and make you avoid the mountains.

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I don’t know where to find them.

Use airnav.com! They have every single STARs, SIDs, and airport maps! But this website is only for United States airports.

Wow. thanks for all of your help.

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Sure thing! If you need to I can give you a tutorial in a PM or show you a YouTube video on how to read STARs and SIDs.

It is okay. I am currently starting I am 12 years old and hope to start flight school when I turn 14. I have been studying extensively though. It might be nice at one point. I will contact you if I ever need it. Thanks so much for the offer!

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I looked at the title and just said to myself “yep…”

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Burbank isn’t that hard to land it. It really comes down to what runway you land on. I’ve flown into Burbank at least ten times without any issue. I would recommend runway 8, as it is used in real life for arrivals and there isn’t many mountain obstructing the runway


That must explain it because I landed RW26

Great website! Have you got any for Oceania? I’ve just been googling at this point but a website would be extremely helpful.

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If you’re still looking, here is a good website for Australian IFR charts :)

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