KBUR_Aviation's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED for now] @ KPSP

Hi everyone! I am looking to apply for IFATC soon, but want to practice my skills first before taking any tests. Hope you can join! :)


@lucaviness here I am

Awesome! I’ll stop by, give me just a second.

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ok. Thank you very much!

Sorry I can’t come by now, but tag me when you next open!

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ok. Will do! Hope you can join next time.

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Should I change to approach and try to give you some radar vectors?

Probably not, as you are training for the tower and ground positions. You train for radar later in the IFATC process.

oh, ok. I pretty much know everything to Ground and Tower

Well. most of everything. But, I think i’m ready

Thanks for all the help today


  1. You told me to make right traffic which was fantastic! Great terrain awareness!
  2. I’m not sure why you responded with “unable” when I requested a runway change and then told me to enter right base 31L. After unable, nothing more is required but if so, that pattern entry would be right downwind instead.
  3. No landing clearance was given to me.
  4. You could have had N863GW line up and wait instead of hold short.
  5. Exit commands should be issued when the aircraft landing is rolling at less than 70kts. I was much above and was doing pattern work. Keep an eye out for that.
  6. No exit command.

Overall, you did great! I can’t wait to see you work with more aircraft in the pattern.

Make sure to read through the User Guide and watch the YouTube tutorials, linked below.

Tip: Watch The Perfect ATC Test to get a sense of what to expect your practical test and training to look like.

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Hey, can you tag me next time you are open please? Also, I will log on if you plan to remain open. :)

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Ok I will when I am open next

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Thanks for all the feedback!

Looks like you logged out.

Feedback: You could’ve taxied me to 31L as there was no conflict making me have to taxi to 31R.

Other than that, I hope to see you next time so that I can spend some more time in your future sessions! :)

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Hi, are you still open? If not it might be an idea to change the title to closed to avoid any confusion :)

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i’m not open right now, but will be soon

@KBUR_Aviation When are you going to open up again? lol

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