KBUR Airport

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I have been trying to understand the taxiways of KBUR but I don’t really get if an aircraft is inside or still outside the runway. I will attach the airport diagram with how it looks like in IF.



  • Point number 2 (2 in the photo): Following the airport diagram, if an aircraft is holding short of 26 should stay behind that line right? But if I tell the pilot to hold short of rwy 33 (If he in this case is East of the hold short (2)), do I have to clear him to cross rwy 26 to get there?

  • Point 1 (In the photo): What if the aircraft is coming from the south terminal east of rwy 33 heading to rwy 26, technically he has to go through the hold short line of rwy 26 (when turning to the right), Do I have to clear him to do so? What if he is doing the opposite, exiting rwy 26 (begining of the rwy) and taxiing all the way to the same terminals, do I have to clear the aircraft to cross the two hold short lines? How would you do that with the commands available in IF?

  • Point 3 (Movement Area Boundary Markings): I guess technically the aircrafts are allowed to do “whatever” they want as long as they dont cross this line (except crossing the hold short lines I guess), or are they also under jurisdiction of ground?

Is the first time that I actually don’t understand an airport diagram and thats why Im asking. I’m a new IFATC member and since I can only controll C and D im practicing in this airport because sometimes it gets busy. If I am making some stupid mistake interpreting the airport please let me know, most likely I am hehe.

Just to finish, probably there are some questions that you won’t understand simply because my english skills are not the best so feel free to ask for clarification and I can even send a photo or whatever to clear this up.

Thanks everyone!


Hey! Let me try and clear it up for you. It’s a little confusing in IF because they don’t have runway signs (the red ones with white runway numbers on them).

From real-life experience at KBUR…no you don’t. Just let them go across that line, unless they actually want to cross 26 and go to the north side of the airport.

No you don’t. As long as the aircraft doesn’t suddenly turn into the runway. If you or the aircraft are seriously in doubt though, use progressive taxi instructions.

I personally wouldn’t bother. There’s a ramp/movement area boundary line for that very reason. As long as the aircraft stays within that, it should be fine. As you have said in your third point:

They’d ideally be with Ground, yes.

Above all, use good judgement and don’t clear aircraft if it’s super busy with departures, or there’s others exiting the runway and you see a conflict developing. In real life, KBUR usually has departures go from 15 and arrivals land on 08 - unless of course, there’s maintenance happening, or the wind drastically changes.


Have used 33 for departures a few time ( rare but indeed happened in reality 😂), I found that most of the pilots have no idea themselves how the taxiway here works. Have to manually instruct them to cross 8 onto D and them cross 33 and 8 again. Otherwise they’d just turn down via the south terminal to 33 assuming that that’s the taxiway

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Thanks for the help! I had today a really busy day but I was supprise that everyone actually more less have a general idea of the airport layout, not a lot of mistakes there.

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