KBOS to KBWI (global experience)

Leaving Boston - Logan International airport with the Baltimore-Washington international airport as my destination was my first long complete flight without my app crashing.

I have attempted this trip multiple times and always crashed (app) midway flying near JFK.

My trip lasted about one and a half hour (which is the standard time for that flight).

Had a great time flying, great view the entire time!

(Currently flying KBOS to London Heathrow)

I suggest posting here


I have made a couple of flights leaving from Egypt and Dubai to experience the view from above, especially sunsets are amazing in this game.

I must say the global update is worth every penny and minute!

Yes I agree with you but no need to make a new topic for every flight you accomplish okay?

If you want, share your screen shots here.

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Take it easy bro…

This is like my first topic/post about a successful flight, just wanted to share I had no issues with my global experience in terms of lag and crashing.

He is helping you out. Please read the forum guidelines. It will answer your questions or your confusions on why you can’t post it here.

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