KBOS TGA Time Lapse - 05/04/20

Boston Logan Tower and Ground

Hello guys, gals, weirdos, aviators, everyone in between and @NoahM. Yesterday, Sunday April 5th, the IFATC team was gifted the opportunity to open an airport in their home country per Tyler’s theme of IFATC at Home. The controllers on the East Coast of the US opted to perform a takeover in that region. It was subsequently branded East Coast Madness by @Guxk, the Cookie Monster. Shout out to all the controllers that participated and especially @Bobby for an immaculate job as Boston Approach and Departure! Massive shoutout to @Tyler_Shelton also for making this happen. Thanks, boss!

At the beginning, we utilized 4R and 33L for heavy departures, 4L for non-jet departures and 9 for the A321/B739 and below. For landing traffic, we utilized 4L for non-jet arrivals and 4R and 33L for jet arrivals.

As the session progressed, we decided in order to better efficiency, we needed to cease operations on runway 33L and utilize 15R for departures only. This change effectively made runways 4R and 4L the only arrival runways. The arrival traffic wasn’t substantial enough to warrant the usage of more than two runways for arrivals.

Enjoy the time lapse!

@Prashant_Divedi, look. Not a single app crash🙃
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Helpful Tips
  • Before leaving your gate, please not only listen to but comprehend the ATIS. It’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to depart safely.

  • Before you start taxi, please analyze the taxi routes being used by others or plan a route that’ll take you to your departure runway as safely and as quickly as possible. I’m a controller not a babysitter. I’ve dozens of planes to manage; it’s not fair to anyone on the ground or in the airspace when I’ve to attend to someone who constantly gets themselves lost.

  • Please don’t spam my frequency. Most of you understand what “line up” means but a large portion doesn’t understand what the “and wait” portion means. At an airport like BOS, there will be pilots either crossing your runway downfield, taking off on the intersecting runway or pilots on short final. Trust me, I can’t forget about you when you’re sitting on an active runway. Be patient!

  • Contrary to belief, I want you off my frequency as badly as you want off it. You’ll get your frequency change to departure, I promise.

This was an incredible session. At a tricky airport like BOS, pristine timing is vital. Without it, the airport will descend into a calamitous crash site. Shout out to the pilots for listening and having rapid response times! for the most part

Wishing everyone good health in these hard times! Stay safe!


When you closed just as I started my approach into Boston 😔


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Tajay here.

Great topic, loved the timelapse. :)

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Very cool! That must have been very busy for you!

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Cool video! It was a pleasure taking over and completing the event after you!

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Cool, I love time lapses, great job Tajay!

After about 4-5 ghostings I think we might need some :)

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Great video TJ! Definitely worth all the trouble and frustration of last night.


All that effort for the storage just to ruin it with a spongebob meme at the end @Dylan_T :pensive:

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Indeed. Deleted so many apps, including IF, to facilitate the editing of this. This was definitely worth the colorful things I said last night!😂

Cmon now, Kyle. You know you loved Spongebob😒


This happen so many times !!!

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