KBOS-EHAM in a 737-700! TransAtlantic Flight in a 737!

Hello, IFC,

I just took off in a KLM 737-700 from KBOS (Boston) on the Expert Server. I chose a practical fuel-efficient route to get to EHAM (Amsterdam Schipol) airport.

My flight time will be approximately 4.5 hours (will change often).

This will be my longest flight in a 737.

Track me on Liveflight if you wish ore even escort me if you want to!

Name: IFC Robertine
Callsign: N31LN

I currently just left Boston!

Thank You!

P.S. I see @Snow_Cone going to London in an A318 Right next to me! Good luck, Snowcone!



Hey! seems like you got a good tailwind too good luck :)

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Thank You! Good luck to you too :)

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Hey @Robertine!

Hate to say this but,

There’s a thread called: Track Other Members flights: IF Edition. Please post your flight details over there since you have already departed.

oh, sorry… I did not know. I will post it there :)


Trans Oceanic flights in narrow bodys are fun. I currently have a record for the A320.


@Robertine, I see you

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Oh wow!
Have fun and good luck. Seems like you’ll have loads of fun with that tailwind.

I did a delivery flight from Boeing’s Factory in Seattle to Johannesburg in the 737-800 SAA livery when the 737 was updated a while ago. I had a full load of fuel, 1000kg of cargo and 10pax. I only had 1 stop over at Funchal Medeira Airport for fuel and a “stretch of the legs” before continuing on. That was a fun flight and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed my 16hr flight in my 737!


Nice! Thanks!

Not your average fuel stop…

This sounds really short for a transatlantic hop. Might get a bit longer, but should be no problem for the B737 as long as the load isn’t too bad nd the winds are blowing the right way!


I have a tailwind of 85 knots which is really helping me out!

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That’s the benefit of the JetStream going eastwards!

That is why I changed my mind when I originally wanted to do EHAM-KBOS which would take 6 hours!


How can you be grade 2 on expert server?

He probably entered as Grade 3 and then got a violation that got him to Grade 2. After he quits the flight, he’ll likely be unable to enter Expert again for a week.


You could’ve gone more realistic and interesting with EGKK-CYHZ with WestJet’s 737 but good luck!

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That is exactly what happened 😥☹️

Oh, oof. It’ll go by quickly. Just don’t go to KLAX and you’ll usually be at least somewhat good as far as realism goes 😂

Yeah, that violation got me to 100 violations!! I am NEVER getting another violation again!

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