KBOS (Boston)- EGLL (London Heathrow)

Whats Up IFC, For Todays Friday Night Flight I Flew From KBOS(Boston) To EGLL(London Heathrow) On British Airways B777-300ER

Flight Time: 5 Hours And 28 Mins
Server: Expert Server
Cruising Altitude: FL360

Takeoff Out Of Boston

Flying Over The Atlantic

Since I Had A Close Encounter With Another Aircraft Which is A Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Callsign Virgin 26, I Had To Turn In Order To Maneuver Around Him Safely

A Picture Of Virgin 26

On Approach At London Heathrow

3 British Airways Aircraft (Including Me) Parked At London Heathrow


Cough Whats with the Delta 737 at Heathrow Cough


and that air china a320 too!


UULR aircraft


Nice pictures. Also, your supposed to go odd altitudes in that direction.

Just how aviation works 😉. Nice pictures!

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Nice pictures!

To decrease the chance of mid-air collisions probably…

If you’re going east you fly at odd altitudes
If you’re going west you fly at even altitudes

Anyways, nice pictures! The lighting is good for the shots.

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Nice 22R departure! 😎

No, if you look at the Atlantic on FR24 you will see planes flying anywhere between FL320 and FL400 in both directions.

It works differently to the continents.

Same for you @KennedyTurner.

@HappySpartanJay nice photos - maybe attempt a bit of the ol’ editing to make them even better!

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Great pictures! I think I may have saw you, around what zulu time did you land?

Cough cough Delta 737. These are great, it was an awesome FNF! Now I’m gonna cough some more.

I’m flying to EGLL at the moment with the callsign Virgin 24!

Nice pictures!

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i landed at zulu time 21:22

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Probably charter flights?

Great pictures!

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Beautiful! Yesterday’s event was fun!

When I’ll get home I’ll have a look at my replay because I was there at 21:22 zulu, what’s your display name?

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my call sign is N517GY

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i dont think they were…i dont know for sure

yea, London was packed

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