KBOS ATC/Patterns

Message for IFATC/TSATC members whom are unfamiliar with the typical KBOS patterns

I am writing this becuase many of the runways which have been operated today (Arrivals 09, 14) Are never used, this is due to the ILS path going over the Boston Skyscrapers (basically a 9/11 scenario). 15R arrivals is also very rarely used.

Below is a table which indicates which runways should be in operation at any given time:

Wikipedia Logan Runways

Further more,

"Runway 14/32, which opened to air traffic on November 23, 2006, is unidirectional. Runway 32 is used for landings and 14 is used for takeoffs. Massport is barred by a court order from using the runway for overland landings or takeoffs, except in emergencies."Wikipedia Logan RWY 14/32


IFATC will consider such things but ultimately trying to follow these real life procedures when it’s busy or in general is not ideal in all circumstances. You won’t see controllers at EGLL using one runway for take off and one for landing because on IF it would mean endless amounts of holds and delays.


I always use realistic procedures at this airport controlling or not. You probably know why. 😉

I get that.

In this specific circumstance though, EGLL actually utilizes holding patterns for this reason. Even if delays do happen, I appreciate when realism is emulated in this game although it may not be the most efficient or practical. Just improves the experience by a mile (although delays may be annoying to some).

This is my viewpoint on this. Obviously others will think differently.

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Perfectly said @Nathan, like I said my main concern was that we were being required to use arrival runways which in the real world are prohibited from use.

In this case there were perfectly capable alternative runways which could have been used.

We don’t have skyscrapers nor have noise abatement here. If they’re added one day and we have to limit the approaches, sure.

While I’m glad you recall RL procedures, the vast majority of them for KBOS simply don’t apply in the situation we have right now. Controllers will not prohibit the usage of runways “just because” of the reasons listed above.

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