KAVL - Ashville, Nc Airport

Hello developers and all others. I just wanted to point out after looking at the Infinite Flight Blog and looking through the aircraft a couple of things. Ashville Northcarolina is a very nice part (if not the nicest) of the state, and the airport is looked down apoun. The airport has a few gates, but yet there are no gates on infinite flight to park at. Its an issue when I fly in from KATL to KAVL and a aircraft is at the gate already about to head out. I have mentioned this before and it was sadly taken down. Instead of fixing o1TN airport that I know that barely anyone flies to, how about pls working of AVL airport and put the correct gates that should be put please. I KNOW that the developers are working very hard on the next update and I am very thankful for that, just those grass fields strips that no one flies to should not be at the top of the list.

Another note is that Delta has a 737-700 aircraft series and yet, there is no delta livery on infinite flight FOR the 737-700…

The IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) does not take requests for airports to be reworked. An editor may get to the airport if one is available and is willing to work on it. Alternatively, you could join the team and work on it yourself, details of that is linked below.

You can also vote for the Delta 737-700 in the thread linked below.

Finally, I’d like to add that if your previous post regarding the same subject is closed, that it doesn’t mean creating a new topic. All topics on this forum are closed for a reason, and if you have questions about that, you may send a PM for your inquiry - although most topics regarding these subjects are provided a clear and concise explanation in the first place.


There is allready a editor assigned to KAVL.
It will come when the editor has finished his work and it passed quality control.
Unfortunately I couldn’t identify a matching IFC name to the editors GitHub name “Flightgeekyuta”, so you just have to wait.

Regards, Tom

That is Voyager456, an anon’d IFC user since last month. May be worth unassigning, they are still in the Slack.