Kaven's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone! I’m currently placed on cooldown for my IFATC application since I failed more than three times on the written test. I’ve learned a lot since then and wanted to know the extent of my knowledge/capability with handling ATC so here I am opening this thread to receive feedback regarding my performance.

My time zone is KST(GMT/ZULU +9)!
Therefore it is most likely that I will open this thread anywhere from 0300Z-1300Z.

Airport: N/A
Runway in use: N/A

Kindly drop by if you are available! All activities are encouraged (pattern work, transitions, etc) and any feedback or criticism given appreciated! :D


I’ll be opening for about 30 mins or so!

I’ll come along now and do some pattern work!

Thank you. :D

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I was redcap 660 - here’s my feedback


  • All ground commands were excellent
  • Good “avoid sending duplicate messages” to the vietnam plane
  • Good “you’ve already been instructed to change frequency”
  • Great sequencing and clearing for the option
  • Dealt with my runway change perfectly
  • Good transition altitude
  • well done for combining pattern entry and sequencing

Things to work on

  • Because of the runway change, when clearing me for the option, you needed to say make right/left traffic. This is only needed for the inbound traffic/runway changes the first time.
  • I needed an exit runway command!

Overall, very impressive. Great knowledge.


I’ll be sure to keep in mind for the runway change pattern! About the landing, I didn’t receive a command saying that you were coming in for a full stop so I assumed that you were going to start your takeoff roll soon after you touched down but ya I get your point on the exit command since I did not issue it after your aircraft has come to a controllable speed.

Thank you for the feedback! :)

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Yeah you need to issue it at around 70 knots but yeah i understand, sorry

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No worries! Once again, thank you for the feedback! Have a great day!

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Thanks! And you :)

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Closed! Will reopen tomorrow.

Opened at RKSS! Feel free to drop by for some pattern works, etc!

Bumping the thread since that there’s no traffic ongoing here at the moment! So far only one aircraft came in for a full stop, that’s all.

Again if any of you are available, kindly drop by! 🙏

Closed! Will reopen later.

Opened at RKPK!

Coming for a quick pattern

I’ll come and do some pattern work :)

Brilliant work mate. I was Janex 660

Good things

  • Duplicate frequency change
  • Great use of extend upwind for the Asiana - i tried so hard to try and create the situation😂
  • Very pro active on the go around
  • Exit runway command
  • Good use of extend downwind for myself

Things to work on:

  • When i requested runway change you gave me a sequence then pattern entry. Remember pattern entry always comes before sequence
  • When clearing me for the option on my new runway (for the first time) you need to say make right/left traffic.

Overall, great work!

Thanks for the service, Here’s my feedback:

Ground: Good but you didn’t realised I was taxiing through grass 2 times

Takeoff: You could have said line up and wait straight away, the Asiana was commencing the takeoff roll. Why did you make me do left traffic instead of right? It would have been easier both for my and for you.

Pattern instructions + sequence + clearance: Overall good, at one moment I lost minimum separation with the other 2 aircraft in the pattern, try to use a bit more of pattern instruction without over controlling,

Landing: At my first T&GO I was aligned with the wrong RWY. Good that You realized but it was a bit too late.

Overall: Quite good, try to improve on situation awareness and the things mentioned above.

Have a great day!

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be sure to keep the points that were mentioned in mind! :)

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Hi, I used left traffic due to the terrain on the right. About the grass taxiing issue, I was focusing on the other aircrafts at that time because I didn’t expect that to happen.

It’s definitely my mistake and I’ll be more aware the next time. Thank you for the amazing feedback!

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