Kavala Fly-out

Welcome to Kavala!

Kavala is a city on Greece’s Thracian coast. It is known for its crystal clear beaches and port, which serves many ferries daily, to islands like Lemnos, Mytilene and Chios. It’s airport has 8x weekly connection to Athens year-round, while also serving several 1-3x weekly seasonal destinations in western and northern Europe.

This event will take place at 2024-03-08T02:00:00Z2024-03-08T02:30:00Z.

Airport: Kavala International Airport “Alexander the Great” (KVA/LGKV)

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight Duration Pilot
Gate 1 Frankfurt Airbus A321 Condor 2 hours 45’ @Prestoni
Gate 2 Cologne Airbus A319 Eurowings 2 hours 45’ @Random_avatitor
Gate 3 Dortmund Airbus A320 Eurowings 2 hours 45’ @whyevenbothernaming
Gate 4 Dusseldorf Airbus A320 Eurowings 2 hours 50’
Gate 5 Stuttgart Airbus A320 Eurowings 2 hours 30’
Gate 6 Manchester Boeing 737-800 Tui 3 hours 50’
General Aviation
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight Duration Pilot
Apron E1 Alexandroupoli Cirrus SR22 Private 25’
Apron E2 Heraklion Challenger 350 Private 1 hour 40’
Apron E3 Athens Challenger 350 Private 55’ @Bay_Area_Aviation
Apron E4
Apron E5
Apron E6
Apron E7
Apron E8
Apron E9
Apron E10
Apron E11
Apron E12
Apron E13
Apron E14
Apron E15
Apron E16
Apron E17
Apron E18
Apron E19
Apron E20
Apron E21
Apron E22
Apron E23
Apron E24
Apron E25

  • I, @whyevenbothernaming, am NOT responsible for all/any violations issued.

  • ATC instructions must be followed for the entire duration of the flight.

  • Livery/aircraft changes are NOT permitted.

  • Route changes are NOT permitted.

  • There are NO freight operations at Kavala.

  • This event is at risk of reaching capacity, when in danger second wave will be created.


File:Port of Kavala.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


If you would like to control an airport included in the event please notify


Sponsors should privately contact @whyevenbothernaming.

Virtual Airlines/Organizations

VAs/VOs should contact @whyevenbothernaming by the official VA/VO account.

Weather Report

WARNINGS: There are alerts by local authorities for thunderstorms, rain, and extreme low temperatures at the location of the event.

Winds are blowing at 13 km/ph (8 m/ph) to the east, gusting at 23 km/ph (14 m/ph). The Sun will rise at 06:45 local time (E European ST). The day will be mostly cloudy. There is a 25% chance of showers and/or thunderstorms. Temperatures at 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit). Humidity at 87%. Dew point is 7 degrees Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit). Moon will rise at 07:33 the same day, local time. Visibility is 10 km (6 miles).

Taxi Routing


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wait actually because of the times i can no longer attend

No worries. It’s 02:00 for you so I understand.

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Ill t@ke this

Of course!

Airport Information:

Frankfurt Airport (FRA/EDDF).

Recommended Arrival Gate:

Terminal 1 Concourse C Gate 2.

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Düsseldorf is a city in Germany, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the seventh most populous city in Germany, with a population of about 650000. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS/EDDL) is the nation’s 4th busiest airport. It serves dozens of destinations across Europe, north Africa and the Middle East. The airport almost doubles its capacity during the summer when it becomes a primary hub for German holidaymakers. It is a a mostly overlooked airport as pilots to Germany tend to fly to Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin, and I recommend you give it a visit!


UNCLAIMED-currently open!

@whyevenbothernaming can I please have a short-haul flight like 10 or 20 minutes

No commercial short-hauls. I’ll get you a G.A. apron to a nearby airport soon. I’ll assign you an airport but feel free to change it.

Still accepting sign-ups, anyone?

Quick event bump, any more attendees for this beautiful northern Greek city?

We’re approaching the ten day mark, I’ll start posting additional information as the event nears. In the meantime, anyone else interested?

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@whyevenbothernaming I have the shortest possible route please?

That’s right. Alexandroupoli is the closest civilian airport.

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We are ten days from the event. As such, event admission will cease in 5 days, at 01:30UTC March 5th. I will post a taxi order and routes shortly.

Here is the taxi routing for this event.

Green stands for preferred taxi routing.
Blue stands for alternative taxi routing.


If you are attending this event, take some time to familiarize yourself with the airport. The runway that will be most likely used is Runway 05. Opposite end is Runway 23. Since the runway faces northeast, and all routes in this event travel northwest, users should select a SID that allows a sharp left turn after departure. Runway 23 is the alternative runway that will only be used if the winds allow so.


To access Runways 05 and 23 pilots should follow the main parallel taxiway until they reach the end of the runway they are departing from.

For all users who have joined, or selected “Going”/“Interested”, please answer this poll.

5-day Attendance Poll
  • Guaranteed
  • Likely
  • Possible
  • Unlikely
  • Guaranteed Absence
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I can’t come anymore

I’ll get you off.

This is amazing idea Kavala is near to my village but the event its to early but if i can i will give it a go