KATW and Appleton - Dual Airports

Hey all
In Oshkosh region there is KATW airport and there is another one called Appelation, its Duplicare
Under KATW there is the Runways
Under Appelation there is the runways and parkings.
*Photos Later
How to Reproduce?
Open IF “The 16.0.02” Update
Go to either solo or Live (Solo highly Recommended)
Go to regions then Oshkosh
Scroll up until you see Appelation
You will see appelation and KATW (THEY ARE THE SAME AIRPORT!)
Why is that Bad?

  1. ATC & Unicom Confusion
  2. ILS One for KATW and other for Appelation
  3. Some problems with Rwy Numbering
    Device Note 3 N9005 Android 4.4.2
    Version 16.0.02
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Fixed before the update. Thanks for reporting.

It still not fixed

Fixed in the repo, should be fixed in the next scenery push

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I have the D-8 Update

Oh Ok rhank you

This has been fixed and will appear in a future update.