KATL Spotting on Runways 27R-09L & 27L-09R

Hello fellow pilots!!!
This was my first time spotting from KATL as well as editing, so if they are bad, please tell me. I was shooting from the South Domestic Parking Lot and managed to grab some nice photos. Enjoy!!!
(All of these photos are edited. If you want to see the originals, just PM me)
(Of course the quality was killed. Recommend downloading them for original quality)

A beautiful Southwest Airlines B737 taking off.

The same plane a little while later.

A jetBlue E190 (JBU2028) taking off for JFK Airport.

Was lucky to catch this One World AA Livery Boeing 737-823 (AA982) headed to Dallas

My new favorite picture!! :)

Delta A330 (DL44) taking off for JFK Airport.

Positive rate. Gear up!

Passing by with gear almost up.

Korean Air Boeing 787-9 (KAL036) destined for Seoul, South Korea!!

The same plane almost done with raising the gear.

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Hope you enjoyed these photos!!
Until next time, keep buttering, and I will see you in the skies!!
- PolandBall_120


Really nice! KATL is my home airport. I love seeing spotting topics from there!

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Thanks for the compliment. I was going to go to the other runways for arrivals, but the Park n Ride Parking Lot was closed, most likely due to Covid-19 and you can’t see the runway from Hourly Parking at the International Terminal. However, I will definitely be returning for more photos!!


Great pictures, but remember
It’s a 787-9, not a 900!
Like it’s not an Airbus 380 :)

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I always make that mistake. Silly me. I will correct it at once. Thanks for correcting :D

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w i n g f l e x

Nice pictures!


Mr. Wu will like these photos and maybe won’t be so mad at me anymore

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