KATL Spotting May 2020

My best photos from my spotting trip to KATL back in May. The main reason for this trip was to get one last look at the Delta mad dogs

Please let me know if you think any of these are ready for JetPhotos


Nice spots! The second photo will have the highest chance of getting in to JetPhotos.

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Thanks for the input!
I’m going to submit it right now!

The second photo is backlit, low quality once you crop it tighter. It would get rejected.


These pictures are fantastic!

You’ve got some great pictures, but I don’t think JP would take any of them. @den.aviation already commented on the first, but I think pretty much all of them have one issue or another, but keep trying at it, your clearly very much on the right track to get there. It’s an achievement not easily earned, but that makes it all the better when you wake up to an E-Mail that has a green header on the chart… (I feel like JP people will know what I mean)

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