KATL-SPJC Delta a330-300 Plane spotting!

Server: Training
Flight time: 5:22 (Day time), 0:33 (Night time) Overall time: 5:55.
Aircraft: Delta Airlines a330-300.**

**In Atlanta International Gates:

Takeoff in Atlanta:

Over the Gulf Of Mexico:

Flying besides Honduras and Nicaragua:

Over the Pacific:

Over Ecuador’s Mountains:

Over Peru Mountains:

Final into SPCJ:


At the Gate in SPJC!

Thanks for seeing!


Nice Photos!!!

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Thanks, I’ll try to make more of these later!

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Hi, very nice pics. Sorry, unfortunately your post the count 11 and one pic be removed. Do best, your pick up enough 10 pics limited and also view HUD is hidden.

The mods in the rules what did he say?

To continue the read trust, please. In rules #screenshots-and-videos Category for allowing enough 10 pics limited and something displayed is hidden. Thank you for understanding.

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I believe everything should be sorted out, contact me if anything needs changes.


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Awesome shots!

Thanks, really appriciated!

If only the camera is placed at typical planespotter height

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