Katl - lppt (a350-900)

First Long-haul! Super exicted to share those screen shots with you.

Route: KATL - LPPT (Atlanta to Lisbon)
Aircraft: A350-900
Flight duration: 7:45 hours
Cruise FL: 350
Pax: 285
Takeoff runway: 9L
Landing runway: 21 (Visual)

Loading Cargo and Pax at Gate T11

Taking off runway 9L

Somewhere over Georgia, US

One of my Favorite!

FL350 clear skies!

Over the ocean, Sunset is behind us! Time for a little meal ;)

Approaching LPPT, Descending to FL120, Last wind check before Landing.

LPPT - Lisbon !

Duo to clear skies and calm wind (330@04) I decided to land visually

Hope you enjoy my first journey with infinite! Let me know what you think.
Safe Flight you all!


In this last photo you have HUD showing. As per the Screenshots and video category rules you are not allowed to have HUD showing.

“Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden.”

Also you have another breach of the rules as you have 11 photos when you are only allowed to have 10 photos.
“No more than 10 photos per topic.”

If you take the last photo out of the topic everything will be fine.


ooo lisboa one my favorite airports lovely pictures and i love picture 9 ;)

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Greats pictures!