KATL-KSAV Delta 737-900 4/25/21

Howdy y’all! Today my mom and I flew from KJAN-KSAV with connection in ATL, here’s a few photos I wanted to share from the second leg! Don’t forget to vote on the poll! Enjoy!

Delta has the best looking cabins as always! The mood lighting is a great touch.

Who knew? I sure didn’t! This pink lighting was quite the surprise but it looked amazing!

Post-takeoff, climbing over suburban Atlanta!

Delta’s IFE screens are great and really responsive. I love the ability to either track the flight on a map, or watch live T.V.

Descending into the Savannah area. These two photos are my favorite from the flight, the wing view AND the background is stunning.

On the ground here at KSAV, you can see a new face at Savannah, a Southwest 737 on the diversions ramp.

Let me know which photo was your favorite!

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Great trip report!

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I can’t choose a photo because I loved each one, what camera did you use?

Thanks! Wish I could have gotten more, but it was such a short flight! And honestly I was exhausted!

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Just my iPhone 11!

I’ve never flown on anything longer than 2:10 hours 😂

That explains the quality haha, iphones have canon quality cameras

My high score is ATL-SLC which was slightly over 4 hours 😁 ATL-SAV is on average 38 minutes 😳

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Oh for sure, as well as those Google Pixels

yea, samsung’s too, pretty much every high end cellphone

Yea for sure. Ive had photos from my phone in contests 😂 @Emilio_Torra

the ones i saw are pretty nice

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