KATL-KMIA Delta Group Flight @KATL -312000ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery: 737-900 (Delta Airlines)

  • Route: KATL-KMIA

  • Time of Departure: 4:00 PM EST (2000Z)

  • Server: Training server

  • Additional Information: Hey guys join me in my first trip to MIA! Copy my flight plan to Miami and altitude is at your discretion. Also once we reach an altitude of 15,000ft we can go ahead and speed up to 345kts. Ahhhhhhh also we will be departing runway 27R and landing runway 18 . If their is ATC just follow on the ILS and request runway 18.
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I’ll join please

What date ?

Plz line up in terminal T plz thx

today at 4:00pm EST

it’s 7:29 pm in UK ?

I think it would be like 9:00pm

i’m spawned now

the group flight is at 9:00 in your time

so wait until its 9:00PM UK

What’s the flight time gonna be

like 34 Min

ok i’ll join
was planning to to DUB to LAX but i can change the schedule
I actually flew in to ATL this morning on the Delta 767

2000 Zulu is 4:00 PM EDT instead of EST right?

no teleportation allowed anymore :)

16:00 atlanta time

currently there is TGAPPR at MIA

yeah because since we’re in summer its summer daylight saving so its Eastern daylight time(EDT)
I think

If this event was a little later, I’d join. Flying to KMIA right now, just SE of KATL. Pretty smooth air right now at FL370 along your flight path.

Smooth air continues through descent. Landing in about 15-20 min from now.

Oh thanks for the info!