Today I flew the KATL-KLEX route on a Crj-900 operating as DLVA857. Below are a couple of pictures from the flight. Who else flew this route?

also, this is my first post so any positive feedback on how to make future posts better would be much appreciated. happy flying!


Ah! Nice pictures! I don’t believe I have every flown that route actually.

I might have to now! :)


I love the angle on the last one!


Hello Smax! I can say that your pictures are good-looking, with picture no.3 being my favourite because of the great background of mountains. I can say maybe getting some passenger views or cockpiet views of the scenery may please the majority of people, but in the end it’s totally up to you on how you want to take the pictures, this is just a strongly recommended action, alongside others who like the background & scenery.

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Thanks for the feedback. In the future, I’ll definitely throw some cockpit or passenger views in there!

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