KATL-KEWR // Newark Rush Hour!

Hey IFC! Just landed during rush hour in Newark Liberty International, got a good view of aircrafts taking off and taxiing towards runway 04L. Today’s flight was from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta int’l airport to Newark Liberty int’l airport with Delta. Hope you all like it :D

Flight Details

Server- Expert Server
Flight time- 1hr 28mins
Route- KATL to KEWR
Cruising altitude- FL390
Aircraft- B738
Airline- Delta

  1. Parked at Concourse B

  1. rotate!

  1. Cruising at FL390 as we enjoy the scenery while we fly east heading to Newark

  1. Final runway 04R

  1. Aircrafts waiting in line as a United B78X takes off

  1. Safe landing at Newark

  1. Taxiing to parking as a United B752 lifts off!

  1. Busy Newark ground

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Great pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

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Its always nice to see heavy traffic in IF, though the IFATC might be struggling…

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I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to kindly ask you to move this picture to #real-world-aviation. Thank you very much.


I like all the pics 😳 great shots

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True, but IFATC is trained to handle this much traffic :)

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This is a screenshot in infinite flight, i don’t think this shot should be in #real-world-aviation

It seems as though you have missed the joke. It was a compliment. I was saying your picture looked incredibly realistic.😂


HAHA! I actually thought i did something wrong. Thank you :D

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Thank you @plane_guy12 and @Tommy :)


Picture 4 is fantastic.

I think I might have been your approach controller as I remember seeing your name during my session today.

Apologies if it got a bit hectic and messy.

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Thank You! You were great in controlling every aircraft. Huge Respect to all IFATC members who work hard to control so many aircrafts, it must be really stressful right?

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You beat me to it mate. Holy. Crap. I thought that was real. (Still think it’s real lol)

Great shots man!


It gets stressful for all of us sometimes, lol.

Thanks for the gratitude :)


Thank you so much!

Amazing pictures. I really like number 5

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Thank you so much :)

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Great shots, love it! :)

Another Singaporean?

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Yes, Another Singaporean! :D I’m technically an Indian Singaporean.

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Very nice photos! Would like to see more:)

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