KATL, Is it banned?

Despite their being flight restriction in the area of KATL, the database shows me that there are ~ 246 arrivals/departures. Is this because it is becoming unprohibited to fly to and from tomorrow or is it already passed that flights can now occur at the respected location?

You are free to fly in & out of KATL.
It is the main hub for this weeks FNF, hence the significant amount of inbounds.

The TFR is a warning to all pilots stating there will not be any ATC warnings due to the traffic and local flying isn’t permitted within the TFR.

For more information, check out the FNF topic:


Ok, that makes sense. Is it possible for you to explain what users do during the Friday Night Flight? I dont fly as much and have been idle for months.

The Friday Night Flight is an offical Infinite Flight event created by Misha who is the community manager for Infinite Flight.

The event features select airports across a specific region, consequently, the community comes together and everyone flies in & out of the airports that are featured. :)

Additionally, IFATC provides services for FNF featured airports, whenever possible.

It’s a whole lotta fun & this week is gonna be pretty awesome, especially with over 200 inbounds!


Misha’s a literal god when it comes to FNF’s, btw.

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