KATL gate aircraft sizing issues


I just have a quick concern regarding some of the gates in Atlanta. I haven’t checked all the gates and I’m not sure of the extent of this problem, but some gates should be allowed to accommodate larger planes than they already do.

An example are the A gates (second concourse from the west). Many of the p gates in this concourse should be able to accommodate up to the 764 irl.

Here is what the gate selection looks like for the 752 (which should fit many of these gates)

Here is a picture of the A concourse IRL. A 764 in A2, a 752 in A4, and a 763 in A12.

I understand that there might be concern for overlap if say 2 763s spawned in next to each other, but I think it should be reasonable to allow some of these planes in this (and possibly other) concourses, or at least the 752.

Anyways, just thought I should give it a mention. Thanks.

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Thanks for the detailed report! There is a fix for this that didn’t make it for the update, but we will include it in the next release :)