KATL DLVA Anniversary Fly-out ATC

WOW! That is all I can truly say about the ATC controlling at ATL today, for the DLVA 3 year anniversary event.

-For an airport with a heavy load of inbounds/departures, I would’ve expected heavy delays. However, this was not the case thanks to the superb controllers at ATL today. Tower/Ground/Departure/Approach controllers did an incredible job at expediting departures, and making everything flow smoothly.

-I believe that I can say that on behalf of myself and all of the attendees, THANK YOU for controlling this beautiful fly out today.

Special thanks to these controllers who participated today at ATL,
@MrMrMan @Balloonchaser @Transport_Hub @Will_A , and the man himself @Chris_Hoover

Happy three year anniversary DLVA!


It’s been a pleasure controlling for this event. Massive group of great pilots to control. Congrats on 3 Years DLVA :)


Thanks for the kind words! It’s working like a charm with our teamwork.

Should we take a second to appreciate that all of these controllers are in DLVA 😏

Also, the moistest of them all stole radar from me but it’s ok because he’s still the moistest.


What can I say, radar was calling my name. Sorry @Will_A, Hub just had to go… 😜

Thanks to everybody who made the event possible and to @Chris_Hoover for getting us ATC permission in the first place!

Great work everyone.


Thanks for the appreciation! It was a great event, and it was a pleasure controlling for y’all.

Hope to see everyone again in the Infinite Skies.


Great job to the controllers.


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