KATL controlling!

Good afternoon fellow pilots! I will be controlling KATL (training server) ground/tower for the next hour and a half or so! As always everyone is welcome to join! All feedback is welcome too! Runways 8R/9L for departures & 8L/9R/10 for arrivals

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Hey there!

Nice controlling thanks for the service…

Here’s a little thing I’ve noted (CF-JFV)…

⚠️ [22:23:34] Transition: You gave me 5000’ for my transition…An easy way to calculate your transition is: Airport elevation + 2500’ then round up to the nearest 500’… KATL is: 1026’+2500’=3526’ rounded up = 4000’ was your correct transition altitude for KATL…

Nice work on pattern entries with my r/w changes!

Thanks again for thee ATC

See ya!

thank you so much on the feedback! will definitely work on my transition clearances!

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No worries! Once you have the formula, you will rock those I’m pretty sure…

Hope to have you with more traffic one day for sequencing check 😉

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