KATL - Confusing ATIS [solved]


Im currently flying into KATL for this weeks FNF tuned into ATIS. As expected there are multiple approach frequencies, thing is:

Contact 128.00 arriving from the east
(Controller: @Kamaniya )

Contact 127.90 arriving from North east south west
(Controller: Lee 3440)

As announced, this weeks FNF does not give room for warnings, but rather direct punishment, I wanted to make sure to ask on here before.

Thanks for any kind of help!

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Contact 127.90 For initial arrival , 128.00 is final clearance


thank u very much!^^

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no problem

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We have two frequencies for one approach in IF??! (excl departure as a arrival frequency)

There are 2 approach frequencies and 1 departure frequency currently in Atlanta.


Wow I didn’t know we had the option to get 2 different people per station. Realism I didn’t know about

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It’s an IFATC-only feature ;)


this usually gets used durring big events by IFATC as tonights FNF, with massive traffic as currently expected, it would be impossible for one person to do the job ;)


MaxSez: Clarity: “arriving from North East “or” South West” Da!

Hiya, Max!

It’s actually phrased without the “or,” meaning that arrivals from the N, E, S & W (essentially all arrivals) should contact that frequency. They’ll get sorted into a line, handed to final approach and then the flight goes on as normal. :)


Hay Guru… MaxSez:

Of course it ment; North, South, East & West! It’s was all Nationalist Chinese to me BoySon LOL…
SeSe, Max

(IF needs a NOTAM/Grammar Editor đź‘… )


Giving you a IFAET, and IFATC perspective.

I’m not currently on my PC so I cannot provide imagery, but when we are editing an airport, we make sure we add all the frequencies possible. Unicom, Ground, Tower, Approach, and Departure. There are more that aren’t currently in IF like Centre, and Clearance Delivery, hence why there currently is 2 ground frequencies, Clearance Delivery is the frequency that operates around the gates, clearing people for pushback and stuff. Anyhow, we put all the frequencies into the editing software, where they all get added into the game. Only 1 person can control each frequency that the airport offers on the Training Server, and only CTAF/Unicom is used on Casual.

The Expert Server has all these features unlocked. So depending on how many frequencies the airport in question has, the amount of stations we can open!

Atlanta only has 2 approach frequencies, hence why IFATC have opened up Radar frequencies of nearby airports.

So, if you really wanted to you could be an idiot and open all frequencies at a stupidly large airport. Don’t do this lol.


I see! That’s cool

MaxSez: Thank for sharing… Clear and concise, another “Lesson Learned”. Timely, Well Done…(No Flag for you, ya got a few already, a Peanut Trophy next time. LOL)
Warm Regards, Max


To add, in ATIS we can also include frequencies located at other airports if we need more radar frequencies.


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