KATL ATC Name Glitch

So far this only occurs at KATL both expert and TS1 but when I message on Unicom sometimes the airport name will change from
“Hartsfield Jackson Unicom”
That’s the one I’ve always had before this issue

But it also will say
“HartsfieldJackson INTL Airport Unicom”

Any ideas on what could be behind this

I’ve Reinstalled app
I’ve Restarted Device
IF app is up to date
iOS is up to date
I pad air2

Much appreciated

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So this is what it currently says?

Instead of Hartsfield Jackson Unicom, did I get that right?

If I understood you right, this isn’t really an issue.
It’s the name of the airport in the database.
I will contact someone of my colleagues at the IFAET.

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It says both.It can switch when I do a new flight

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@Moritz words:

“Up til now I thought that the first two words (max) of the airport name were used to generate the frequency names for T/G/AT so that’s a bit weird.
Considering it apparently switched I’d say there’s nothing we can do about this. If it was constant I had looked at the airport name in our database but this seems to be some IF error.”

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Happens to other airports, e.g. “Test Flight 3, contact epwa approach on 000.00” instead of “Test Flight 3, contact Warsaw Chopin Approach on 000.00”


Well I guess we will have to live like that for now
No solution for now …

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