KATL Airport - New Taxiway End-Around Rwy 26L/8R

Flyers and ATC controllers at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport should be aware of a relatively new taxiway that allows traffic arriving on runway 26R to avoid crossing runway 26L, the active departing runway. It is taxiway victor, and it slopes safely below the runway. It is present in IF.

When arriving into KATL today, I got the following warning: “You were not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway.” I believe this is incorrect, as I’ve flown into KATL many times IRL and seen the belly of the departing aircraft while I passed below using this taxiway.

Link: Taxiway Victor 8R End Around - Pond & Company


Thanks for letting us know!


Controllers have been informed. (:


That is correct. They NEVER EVER cross the runway planes are taking off on there. I stayed at the renaissance for 3 days planespotting in the 10th floor recently and it was awesome.

Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, I may have been the one to send that command.

KATL has been extremely busy this morning and I’ve had a hard time seeing planes out of the tower camera. It’s been noted in the IFATC slack chat so this shouldn’t be a problem the rest of the day. Next time, I’ll make myself more familiar with the airport before hopping on a frequency :)


Yup, used it often but makes for long taxi to parking unless going to T Terminal lol

On a side note IRL with all the new projects going on, they’re going to do the same for 27/09 and with the 6th runway they’re building, was there this morning, just got back from a run to Alabama

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funny how im gonna be landing on 27L on the expert sever in like an hour and a half. from KTPA

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It doesn’t matter if controllers are aware of this or not. The fact still remains the majority of the If pilots are still going to want to cross, since we can’t tell them taxi on a certain taxiway it’s a moot point.


I would hope that IFATC always have a quick look through the real airport charts to make them familiar with the airport that you are about a control. As a pilot On Expert, i check through proceeds for both dep,and arrival airports.


that taxiway looks scary to be honest 😂

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As busy as ATL ground was, I harbor no ill-will! I never do. Given the lack of taxiway maps in the controller’s view, I can easily see it looking as if I was crossing the active runway.


I avoid terminal T like the plague. Will likely have to fly trough T or A tomorrow AM on a puddle jumper from Greensboro, NC. :)

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Better than landing on 10/20 and then taxi for about a week lol and crossing both 09s/27s to get to the terminals 😁

We’ve got a cool tunnel we go through under the long taxiway to terminals from 10/28 and is a a bridge over 285


But all the pax LOVE “T”!!! LOL

Just outside the TSA screening and no tram or escalators lol

Are you flying UNITED?

BTW, originally from Boone

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