KATL - Airport Missing Upon Final

When I was coming into KATL today to land, the airport never loaded as I was trying to land.

I was in communication with ATC the whole time - ended up calling a go around, as I got closer. Aircraft were loading around me, but the airport itself wasn’t loading. Any thoughts?

I ended up quitting the app. - then wasn’t able to load the app or community.

After reloading the app - I went to replay and the airport loaded then.

Just wondering if this was a quick glitch, known issue, or a user error on my side.


The CDN was down. It’s a server that Infinite Flight uses. All of the live servers was down. Including Solo mode.


Clear scenery cache and/or a simple reboot of your app will generally resolve this. For the last 30 minutes, the world wide web pretty much came to a standstill. This was likely affected by this, and has recently been resolved.

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