KATL Airport experiencing Power outages and delays!


Just a quick bit of add information these numbers are what are usually done but today thus number will be very small


2,500 ▶️ 5 to be exact

@Liam_Kirk I think it would be best if you could edit all of your updates into one post so that I’d doesn’t clog up the topic, but none the less thank you for providing all these updates!

This seems seriously bad, there are barely any planes in the sky and I’ve seen a Turkish, KLM and Delta divert. Hope operations can go back to normal soon.

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They better get this stuff fixed, because I’m flying to Atlanta tomorrow!

So this is why I haven’t heard any plane flying over my house today.

Complete disaster one of the biggest airports in the world.

Why are so meny flights still going and coming from KATL.

I read somewhere that the power is back on. Is this true?

Lol, that is funny how Delta is scrambling to make excuses and move the blame. I mean this is the busiest airport in America it should take less than an hour for something that small to be patched up.

It’s actually one of the busiest airports in the world.

A power outage is no small matter and it’s not easy to find the source of the outage. There is a lot more involved in fixing a piece of the power grid than you might realise.

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It is the busiest in America and the world.

44 AM
13 AM


My media said it was Atlantis airport xD

I don’t get why its a big deal don’t the check the tickets manually also I pretty sure the could the APU. also KATL has generators if the power did go out.

I thought of going spotting there today, but I’m just going to chill for now. I hope this issue is resolved.

Without radars you can’t even safely move aircraft on the ground. It’s a massive safety hazzad, if the FAA found a way around the outage they would have.

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Actually latest news says it was caused by an underground electrical error.

Power finally restored at nation’s busiest airport after hours-long blackout - ABC News


In all seriousness, it’s good to see they got the power back. I can’t believe they didn’t have a backup generator operational considering how large the airport is.


Well, hopefully they learn from this incident.

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