KATL Airport experiencing Power outages and delays!

In addition, 80-100 aircraft are parked on KATL’s 09 R and many taxiways. Total disaster currently. A concourse is also getting evacuated due to a possible fire!

Every transponder is off and Southwest has just Cancled all of its flights to and from KATL


If you look at FlightAware’s misery map it looks comical


http://airportwebcams.net/cams/atlanta-webcam.html Look at that ground stop


Oh wow, they’re all Delta planes. I wonder how much money they lost today


I think Delta is going to be paying the FAA tens of millions of dollars. Could be hundreds

A lot of flights have been cancelled remember this is the busiest airport in the world and it’s closed this will have a knock on effect all around the world possibly for a few days/weeks.

Why would delta have to pay the FAA? It wasn’t their fault the power is out.

Found this on Flightradar24:

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Check this. They is some more info up there now.

  • UPDATE 22:10 UTC FAA has lifted ground stop for north and south cargo ramps.
  • UPDATE 21:10 UTC All Southwest flights to/from of Atlanta Airport are cancelled for the remainder of the day.
  • UPDATE 20:35 UTC The FAA is informing the tower at Atlanta Airport can operate normally.
  • UPDATE 20:25 UTC More than 2 hours now that Atlanta Airport is suffering power outage, still no departures but passengers stranded in planes are disembarked using movable stairs.
  • UPDATE 20:04 UTC Some passengers in Atlanta being let off planes on tarmac via movable stairs.
  • UPDATE 19:41 UTC Delta pilot told passengers a construction crew cut power line, causing outage at Atlanta Airport.
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This is insane!!!


That’s #fakenews
Just messing only 5 though! It’s mad!

They is more than that look:


On Facebook, some people are asking why the pilots won’t taxi back to the Gate to unload the passengers. What should I say?

Btw, it’s insane seeing the world’s busiest airport on a standstill just because of a power outages

Logistics, insufficient gates, no ATC to direct how to taxi, stuff like that.

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  • UPDATE 22:25 UTC All JetBlue, American, Southwest, and United flights have been cancelled for the rest of the day at Atlanta Airport.

LOL No wonder the live KATL Tower was just showing a black screen lol… I sat there for 40 minutes waiting for something to pop up!

  • UPDATE 23:30 UTC Atlanta Airport is being evacuated.
  • UPDATE 23:20 UTC ACARS message confirming to all jets that operations are cancelled for the rest of the day at Atlanta Airport.

No idea why Atlanta is being evacuated maybe because of the darkness?

  • UPDATE 23:45 UTC Georgia Power says fire may have caused outage at Atlanta Airport and hope to have power restored by midnight (local time).

Seems to be a fire which seems odd.

It will be around 0500Z they are trying to get it restored.

These are updates. That’s all

Its okay. It doesnt matter. They are called updates. They are made to be like that

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If I was a power company, I would be blaming the power outage on the fire too to avoid a huge lawsuit