Kathmandu to Paro! (Batik A320)

Hello everyone!

Today we did a flight with @Tsumia, @TRDubh, @NJ24, and @Sebastian1! It was the worlds hardest approach. We did it from Both sides to see who can land the best! We bad a lot of fun, I wish we can do it again!

Flight details

Route: VNKT --> VQPR
Aircraft: Batik A320
Flight time: 2 hours (with both approaches)

Takeoff from VNKT with @Tsumia and @TRDubh holding short

Passing over the airport for the runway 15 approach

Cool phone wallpaper

Escorted by @Sebastian1

Landing runway 30 GIF


Landing runway 15 GIF


How would you rate the landings?

(Please have some mercy Its the worlds hardest approach, I personally think I did great!

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Thanks for looking, and see you around!


These are some cool shots! I love the second one with the beautiful mountains in the background.

Volotea or Ryanair landing. jk

Nice pics mate, I like the 6th pic, keep it up.πŸ‘

Lol, thanks!


Looks like a nice group flight. 😎.

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Yes it definitely was!

Nice one! Pity we don’t have the Drukair livery on the A319 - would make a flight into Paro much more realistic